Mayor of Atlantic City goes AWOL

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J (CBS) -- Where in the world is Atlantic City Mayor Robert Levy?

Levy pulled a disappearing act last Friday amid reports that he was under federal investigation for falsifying his military record. The local newspaper, The Press, reported that the mayor had falsely claimed to be a Green Beret and was under investigation by the Justice Department.

A spokesman will only say Levy is on medical leave, but won't say where he is or what might be wrong with his health.

The vanishing act has left Atlantic City residents perplexed and angry.

"If you are sick, if you are in the hospital, let the public know, let the council know," City Councilman Tim Mancuso told CBS station KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

The Newark Star-Ledger, citing unidentified sources, reported that Levy was suspected of embellishing his military record for financial gain. As a veteran, he could have received more money by exaggerating his service accomplishments.

What's ironic about the mayor's problem is that he does have a solid military record, having served two tours in Vietnam with the Army. He was never a Green Beret, however.

A friend interviewed by the Star-Ledger provided an explanation for Levy's disappearance. Ed Kline, a former assemblyman who grew up with Levy, told the newspaper that the mayor was "down and out," "devastated" and "destroyed" by the revelations about his military record.

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