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All-day kindgtn debate in Perrysburg

Early learning in Perrysburg comes at a price for kids who attend all-day kindergarten.  At $325 a month, it's a price some parents aren't willing to pay.

Kim Palmer said, "He's almost six. He'll be six in a couple of weeks, and I think he's ready for more. But I didn't want the expense of $300 dollars or more to send him for a full day."

Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler says 80 families are shelling out the bucks, and they'll continue to do so despite the state attorney general's opposition. Hosler said, "The attorney general's ruling, first of all, is an opinion. While it's a very important opinion and we have to pay attention to it, because it's the attorney general's opinion, there's nothing binding to it."

the opinion calls for public school district to stop charging families for fees to run full-day kindergarten.

But the opinion says nothing about charter perrysburg's digitial academy.

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name: tom holser

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<the way we set it up through the digital academy is probably a little different than other districts.>

the digital academy exists online...but kindergarten classes are led by real a real classroom.

So, parents pay the academy--not the district.

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<and that helps us keep our numbers in the digital academy.>

hosler hopes this will protect the fees... Even if the ohio department of education or state legislators step in on this debate.

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name: tom hosler

at: 10:42

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<if we can't charge for it, then the board will need to decide whether or not we should offer it to all students and just take that out of general operating budget. Or we don't offer it to any students.>


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