Food banks need donations

TOLEDO -- Hungry Toledoans rely on Feed Your Neighbor centers for food once a month. Now, the group needs your help.

Donations are needed to keep their outreach going. Problem solver Mika Highsmith reports on a Call 11 for Action that can make a difference.

Ready to feed anyone who goes in, Steve Anthony said, "Once a month a person or a family can come here and get a three-day supply of food" This year has brought empty shelves, dropping donations and a record setting year. Anthony explained, "Unemployment rates are high and there's a lot of people in need."

The Toledo Area Ministries' Feed Your Neighbor program now needs your help. Anthony said, "Last year, we fed a total of 48,000 people. This year it's up to 55,000 people and still counting. It has put a real strain on our resources. We've already spent $21,000 more than we've taken in."

In order to keep filling bags with everything from veggies to cereal in one of it s 13 centers, donations must come in. Anthony went over the bottom line: "At the end of August, we had $4,000 left in our account and our food bill is usually $7-8,000 a month.

The only way to stock the shelves is to do it together, so volunteers can provide families with the necessities so many Toledoans depend on and desperately need. Anthony gave an example, "If your personal resources run out and that three-day supply will get you to the next pay check, it's important because otherwise you don t eat."

We don't want that to happen, so here's how you can help. Drop off non-perishables at the Seagate food bank or call Toledo Ministries at (419) 242-7401. They'll tell you how you can drop off money or food donations. Maybe you want to volunteer. They can use every bit of help.

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