Park board approves management plan for the Wildwood and Secor Metroparks

Park board approves management plan for the Wildwood and Secor Metroparks

At the September 24 meeting, the board of commissioners for the Toledo Metroparks approved a general management plan for Wildwood and Secor Metroparks.

The plan details each park's purpose, significance, mission design alternative, interpretive themes and desired future condition.

Jim Speck, director of planning, said the plan also includes a goal for how the parks will be developed and managed for the next 20 years.

Other Business

In other business, the board:

  • Approved the purchase of three prefabricated bridges from Echo Bridge at a cost of $50,323. Two bridges will be installed at Oak Openings, and one will be used for a service road at Secor Park.

The self-weathering, steel bridges carry a 10-year warranty, said Mr. Speck.

  • Authorized the expenditure of $11,500 from the Terry Trust Fund to paint the exterior of the Manor House at Wildwood Park.

Total cost for the painting is $16,500-$5,000 of which has been donated by the Manor House executive committee and the Volunteers in Parks.

  • Agreed to resubmit a grant application for $5,950 to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "This is our third attempt to get the grant," said Russ Schifferly, project manager.

If the application is successful, the funds will be available in the second half of 2008 and will be used to assess the environmental condition of several unused buildings at the Blue Creek Conservation Area.

  • Approved the sale of surplus home structures and sheds on Metroparks property. Asbestos surveys will be completed before the buildings are available for sale, and the minimum bid will be $1,000.

The new owners will be expected to remove the structures from park property within three months of the sale.

  • Renewed a fishing agreement with the Ohio Division of wildlife at Mallard Lake, Oak Openings Park.

The agreement is essentially the same one as has been in place for the last nine years, explained  John Jaeger, director of natural resources, adding that fishing at Mallard Lake will now be open to all ages.

  • Purchased two Chevrolet Impalas at a cost of $39,350 from the Government Services Administration's AutoChoice program.

According to Gary Grime, ranger manger, the new vehicles, which will replace 1997 and 2001 ranger cars, are E85 compliant and more fuel efficient than the previous models.

  • Renewed fire protection service agreements with the townships of Springfield, Monclova, Sylvania, Providence, Richfield, Spencer and Swanton. Cost of the service is $14,241 and represents a reduction of $1,872 from 2006.

The next meeting of the Metroparks board will be at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday,October 17, at Roche de Bout shelterhouse,  Farnsworth Park, Waterville. The meeting is open to the public.