S. Toledo folks dispute convenience store location

TOLEDO -- Last week, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner vetoed a special use permit approved by Toledo City Council to allow a convenience store to set up shop along the 4300 block of S. Detroit, near Byrne.

On Tuesday, council voted on whether or not that veto will stand. During council's meeting, neighbors stood in opposition and applauded when council decided not to override the mayor's veto.

Council voted on final passage of the special use permit for the convenience store on Detroit, but in the end there weren't enough votes to override the mayor's veto. While South Toledo neighbors are celebrating a victory, legal action is possible and the carryout could still open someday.

"We were standing up against the carryout, and we're thankful that a few members changed their mind," said Jill Seaver.

"It really brought forth a lot of good neighborhood unity that we hadn't maybe seen in a while, and bringing it all together here was positive. The result was excellent," said John Cark.

These neighbors know the issue could end up in court.

"It's a victory today. We made a stand and we got our way and council heard us," said Linda Heffner.

Susan Dickman Fitzgerald is hoping to end the carryout controversy at the ballot box. She's helping to circulate petitions to try to place the issue before voters, which, if approved, would ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in the precinct. She says it's a matter of preserving the neighborhood.

"That's what it's all about, there's not a personal issue here and we're not anti-business. We just like the neighborhood the way it is," Dickman Fitzgerald said.

A Beverly neighbor lives near the school says she'd vote to create a dry precinct.

"I think we have enough places that sell alcohol. We don't need one in our backyard, do we?" queried Dodi Sawyer.

December 20 is the deadline to file petitions to place the issue on the March ballot.

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