London inquest begins on Diana death

More than ten years after the death of Princess Diana, an inquest is getting underway in Britain into how she died.

This inquest, getting ready to begin in the Royal Courts of Justice, will look into the events surrounding the August 1997 death of Princess Diana in a car crash inside a Paris tunnel.

Two independent police investigations have determined her death was an accident due to a driver who was speeding and drunk. However, Mohammed al Fayed, whose son Dodi also died in the crash, says the couple was murdered by the royal family and has hired a team of lawyers to prove it.

Today 11 jurors, who are just ordinary members of the British public, will be asked not to place blame but to decide how Diana died. Legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg explained, "It's not like a court with prosecution on the one side and defence on the other. This is an inquisitorial procedure. It's an inquiry."

The inquiry is expected to cost as much as $20 million and last as long as six months. Count on News 11 to keep you posted on any new developments.

Posted by LS