Foul smell isn't the only thing wrong with this septic tank

Johnny Smith worries his kids will disappear into the tank.
Johnny Smith worries his kids will disappear into the tank.

WOOD COUNTY -- "It don't smell good," Johnny Smith says in what could be considered the understatement of someone's year, anyway.

And, truth be told, it's not just the foul odor coming from the septic tank that bothers Smith and other residents at the apartment complex in Dundridge in Wood County. It's a hole that "should have concrete over top of this," Smith says.

Smith and other folks are concerned their children will fall in, frankly.

"If that gets opened up and my kids fall in there it's going to be a fatality, and I don't want that," Smith says, adding that he's called to report the problem.

Smith claims, "No one's been out there," referring to the lack of attention he's received for his problem. So, he has turned to Call 11 for Action's Mika Highsmith.

"I know you guys are reliable, so I e-mailed you and called back," Smith says. "I just want it covered up to where my kids can't lift it up."

Mika contacted the EPA,  and they went out to inspect the sewer system. They have agreed that the septic tank needs to be updated, and they've alerted the property owner who's agreed to correct the problem by installing either a locked grate or a fence.

Mika has assured Smith and other residents that she'll stay with this situation until the septic tank is fixed.

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