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25 Personal Treats for Her

1.  Make her a book of coupons that she can cash in throughout the year. For example, make her a coupon for a night off from cooking, a free car wash, breakfast in bed etc. 

2.  Get ideas from these
famous Mother's Day quotes and write her a poem. 

3.  Bring her
breakfast in bed with her favorite sections of the paper and a vase with a single flower in it. Or give her a coupon that entitles her to the breakfast of her choice, served in bed, on any selected morning.

4.  Treat her to brunch, or just go out for coffee and dessert.

5.  Make her a meal she'll never forget:
Comfort Food, Italian Feast, or Southwestern Grill. Or, take her out for dinner.

6.  Give her a gift certificate for a spa so that she can feel really pampered! Or buy her a basket of her favorite beauty products that she can enjoy at home.

7.  Give her a framed family photo (make sure she looks good in the picture)! Or organize a family photo session.

8.  Send her an e-card.

9.  Invite her to a picnic and do all the preparations.

10. Make her a tape or CD of her favorite songs.

11. Clean the house for her (or at least some of it)!

12. If you can’t be with her, call her and tell her what’s going on in your life. Send a care package, complete with her
favorite book, CD, snacks, wine, a personal note, and other small gifts.

13. Surprise her with a good friend she hasn’t seen in while.

14. Bring or send her flowers. If she works, send them to her office - she'll be able to spend more time with them there.

15. Make a "play" date -- go to the zoo, ice skating, get ice-cream, go to a water park, etc.

16. Buy her a book by her favorite author, but make sure she hasn't read it yet.

17. Try to make sure all her children or loved ones are with her for the day.

18. Bake her a cake. 

19. Put a note under her pillow.

20.  Plan a wine-tasting outing to local wineries.

21. Wash her car.

22. Buy tickets to a chick flick or performing arts show she would like.

23. Plan a outdoor adventure trip -- hiking, camping, etc. -- or even for a hot air balloon trip.

24. Write her a letter expressing the great thing you've learned from her.

25. Tell her you love her and thank her for being Mom.

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