Kids Pictures and Prints Event Saturday

Parents say protecting kids is not easy these days. In Toledo this weekend, people can get updated pictures of their kids and fingerprinting in an effort to fight back against crimes like the video-taped Nevada girl that made headlines this week.

"It's horrible," said concerned parent Takisha Smith, who hoped the video-taped girl would be found. In the meantime, she took her kids, her nephew and her best friend's daughter to get pictures and fingerprints. "With everything going on today, you just never know.

Thanks to the non-profit group called Safety in Prints and Kistler Ford on Central, if something should go wrong, officers could use ID sheets to find kids more quickly. In addition to the prints and pictures, children learn physical, self- defense techniques to get away from abductors, but experts who deal with abused children say the mental anguish could last a lifetime.

Dean Sparks of Lucas County Children's Services said, "It is not something that you just get over. That's why it's important that communities be as protective and responsive to these kind of things that happen to kids as we can. The goal of these free-clinics and events like them is to protect our kids."

Safety in Prints will hold a free pictures and prints event Saturday at Kistler Ford on West Central from ten until four.

Posted by LS