Dillard's at Fallen Timbers opening Saturday

Dillard's employees are keeping busy....setting out the jewelry, the cosmetics, the clothing. Getting ready to open at fallen timbers.

Chuck Thomas said,  "Location, location, location. I think it's great you come off the road and look to your right, and there's Dillard's. That's a good place to be."

Dillard's is planning for a "soft opening", starting on Saturday, to give the staff time to smooth out operations at the new store. The old store at Southwyck is targeted for closing, and councilman Frank Szollosi says he's frustrated with the company for not selling off its stake in the struggling mall so it can be redeveloped. He said, "The citizens of Toledo, and really the citizens of this region who care about and have a vested interest in the success of Toledo, shouldn't shop at Dillard's until they become a more responsible corporate citizen."

Speaking with shoppers at Southwyck, many say they're holding no hard feelings about the move. Nick Bierlacki said, "It's sad to see this go for me. At least it's convenient, but what can you do... business is business. I do plan to shop at the new store."

Jane Raab also plans to shop there. "Absolutely. I think they'll have the same name brands that I love, and absolutely I'll give them my business."

That's exactly the attitude the Dillard's management at Fallen Timbers is hoping for.

Dillard's spokesman Chuck Thomas said, "I think we have a loyal customer, and I think they'll see that we're very committed to the area. Hopefully they'll see that and give us an opportunity to prove it again."

Posted by LS