WTOL Editorial: The situation at Southwyck

The mess at Southwyck is complicated and may not be resolved any time soon. That's too bad. This area of Reynolds road is a gateway to the city for drivers getting off the turnpike. The first impression of Toledo is not pretty.

It's clear the Dillard family and the owners of the mall are not going to cooperate. Even an offer of $11 million dollars from developer Larry Dillin did not get them to the negotiating table.

They have very little incentive to end this deal. They can sit on the property, pay the taxes and watch the city squirm. What they want is for the taxpayers to bail them out at a nice profit. They have done so in other cities, and made a lot of money.

So the mayor is threatening to acquire the property through eminent domain. That's a tricky option. It can be tied up in court. The legal fees add up quickly, and Toledo will have a tough time justifying its case.

I'm Bob Chirdon. Long ago, Mayor Finkbeiner promised to resolve the Southwyck situation. Well, he hasn't. And he seemed so sure it would happen. I think he may have overestimated his ability and underestimated his opponents.

Posted by LS