Police arrest suspect in double stabbing case

TOLEDO -- Toledo Police have the suspect in a double stabbing in custody. They say it was a citizen's tip that led to the capture. A woman spotted him on Byrne Rd., called 911, then followed the car until the police got him.

Ramadan is alleged to have fatally stabbed his wife and injured his teenage son at 1002 Front Street Wednesday. The teen is hospitalized.

Police say Ramadan allegedly got upset inside his home and took out a knife. His teenage son then called 911.

"The wife was in the living room as soon as you walked in the door. The son was in a back bedroom and then came out when the police came and then collapsed," said Sgt. Phil Toney, Toledo Police Dept.

Paramedics got the son out of the home when they first arrived. The son is 14 or 15 years old and was severely beaten and stabbed, police say. He is undergoing surgery at St. Vincent-Mercy Medical Center.

Police say the family just moved to this area a few months ago. They say the couple's 11- or 12-year-old daughter was in school this morning.

They say Ramadan also has an ex-wife in the area to whom they have also spoken.

Posted by PJS