Call 11 For Action: Living next to a vacant house

"As big as it is, it can catch on fire and my house could catch fire."

That was Tiny Garrett's fear, three months ago when this vacant home was wide open. People just come in and go in all the time. Mika Highsmith, Call 11 For Action Problem Solver, put that to a stop, getting the city to secure each entry with boards, which are still up today. Still, Tiny's fear has ignited.

Garrett said, "I looked out the window and all I could see was a big ball of fire just shooting." It started at a nearby garage, and the fire was so severe that it melted siding when it spread to Garrett's home, waking her in the middle of the night. She described the scene, "It shot so high up in the air all you could see is red flames shooting out all over, it's really scary." She's thankful the boards spared the home and that her home wasn't severely damaged.

At this point, she says the only safe bet is to get out, which at this point isn't an option. Highsmith put another call into the department of neighborhoods to clean that mess up, but it's owned by the bank who wants to sell it rather than demolish it. While it sits, anything could happen, but the good news is the house is still boarded up.  At least no one can get in, and police officers are going to step up patrols in that area.

Posted by LS