WTOL Editorial: Reflections on 'The Jena 6'

Race is still a divisive issue in America. Look at the small town of Jena, Louisiana. It has become a hotbed for racial tension. The rally in support of the young men who were imprisoned could attract tens of thousands of people. If the wrong kind of spark is ignited, Jena could be torn apart.

Just 2 years ago, here in Toledo, a racial hate group marched and touched off a riot that ravaged a neighborhood.

The cycle of anger and violence seems destined to go on endlessly.

I'm Bob Chirdon, and the events in Jena are troubling and tragic and sad.

Even if it all ends peacefully, Jena will remain a symbol of racial strife. Jena reveals that even now, after all that has happened in this country, the color of our skin can still be the only thing that matters.

Posted by KO