Mail Order Pharmacy Fails to Deliver

HOLLAND -- A local woman needs her medicine to survive. But she's been without it for a month, though her insurance company has already paid for it.

So she turned to Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Sharon Hueston has congestive heart failure, diabetes and high blood pressure. She takes meds four times a day, seven days a week -- just to stay alive.

"I take close to 11 pills a day," Hueston says.

But for the last month, one pill has been missing from the mix -- and it's one she depends on the most.

"If I don't take it, I won't live," she claims. "I've been on it almost 20 something years.

Hueston depends on a mail order prescription program to send it to her but for the last month, they've proven to be unreliable. "I'm still without it and it don't make no sense," she laments.

Hueston says she's called AM Med, her home care pharmacy, numerous times, but to no avail. "Sometime I've been on the phone for 23 hours trying to accomplish something," she says.

"You all do some much for so many people," Hueston says when explaining why she called News 11's Mika Highsmith. "I just thought I could use some help and I was calling you to see if I could get some help that's it."

Well, Mika called AM Med, and they claim there was a mix-up with the prescription. The good news is, Hueston has her medicine in hand tonight.

If you're dealing with this same situation, call your doctor immediately so they and the pharmacist can straighten things out.

Posted by KO