Water Spout Turns into Tornado in Florida

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA (AP) -- As officials get a closer look at the damage from yesterday's powerful tornado in southwestern Florida, they've determined that as many as 150 homes were damaged.  The tornado started as a water spout over Fort Myers Beach, and moved north into Cape Coral.

Thunderstorms that spawned the tornado hit Cape Coral around 6:30 p.m. Sunday. "Water was pouring in through the windows, it soaked everything," said Jessica Gibson, whose apartment building roof was partly torn off.

Daniel Noah at the National Weather Service said the tornado started as a water spout over Fort Myers Beach and moved north into Cape Coral.  He estimated the winds speeds were between 90 and 110 mph.

One minor injury from flying debris was reported after the tornado.

Cape Coral's chief inspector, Bill Selvia, told the News-Press of Fort Myers on Monday that the final damage estimate could be in the millions of dollars.  At the Silver Sands Resort, the tornado toppled a tiki bar and tore the roof off two units, owner Tom Groves said. "It threw all the chairs into the pool  just made a general mess," Groves said.

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The CBS Television Network contributed to this report.