Vacant House Attracting Rats, Vagrants, Neighbors Say

TOLEDO -- Michelle Marino is discouraged about what's going on in her South Toledo neighborhood. "Everyone keeps to themselves and tries to keep things up as best we can," she says.

But she says one home is bringing her neighborhood down. "The bags have been there so long they've just disintegrated," she says about the garbage bags that have accumulated.

But, really, it's what could be inside one of its five open doors that has neighbors on alert.

"Prostitution, drugs, homeless people trying to find a warm place to stay," are what she says bothers her neighbors.

"A lot of people have children; they have to protect their kids," Marino says, adding that about everyone on the block has called the city "several times with no results."

"I've seen you get other results and I was hoping you could do the same for us," Marino says about Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Mika called the Department of Neighborhoods and, while she was on the scene, an inspector pulled up and took pictures.

"I'd like to see it cleaned up and boarded up," Marino says.

Posted by KO