Deal will Allow FedEx to Move to Wood County

TOLEDO -- FedEx is on its way out of south Toledo. Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner held a press conference at 3:15 Monday afternoon, along with officials from Perrysburg township, to discuss the possible relocation of the package shipping company to Wood County and its effect on the City of Toledo.

A tax-sharing agreement and other details are being ironed out between Toledo and Perrysburg Township for FedEx to possibly build a new ground transportation facility at the Ampoint Industrial Complex.

A Toledo city council member says it's better to cooperate with Perrysburg, rather than see the jobs move out-of-state. "Clearly there's a number of Toledoans, who live in the city of Toledo, who work at Fed Ex," said council member George Sarantou. "Any agreement, any cooperative agreement there can be between the city of Toledo and Perrysburg Township, it's a win-win for the region."

"This JEDD agreement is not only designed to keep FedEx Ground in Northwest Ohio but set a model for regional cooperation between northern Wood County and Toledo Lucas County. This agreement is a huge win-win for both jurisdictions and a big victory for the workers," Mayor Finkbeiner said.

"The agreement will make Toledo whole for any lost income tax revenue. In exchange for water and sewer service to the site north of State Rte. 795 and east of Glenwood Rd., Perrysburg Township will assure that Toledo receives all the income tax revenue it was receiving from FedEx as of 2007 ... or no less than it received in 2006," the mayor said. "We will also receive 50 percent of any future payroll growth of FedEx Ground with the payroll tax established at 2.25 percent."

Perrysburg Township trustees and the mayor signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday.  Now the Toledo City Council will act on the deal.

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The facility in south Toledo employs about 600 people.

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