Legal Squabble Brewing Over Perrysburg Land

PERRYSBURG -- A piece of land near Fort Meigs is now the center of a legal squabble between a developer who wants to build on the land and people who want it to stay like it is.  The land is located between the Maumee-Perrysburg Bridge and Fort Meigs.

The owner wants to be able to put up some housing on the property.  There's already one house on the six-acre piece of land, but preservationists want to keep more from being built, saying the land is zoned as a park, not a development.  The owner is trying to challenge that zoning in court.

People like Judy Justus say adding more homes to the land would be the wrong thing to do.  "this was a river town when it was founded in 1816, and the historic view that we can see as we cross the bridge, and it's the first thing you see when you come from Maumee," said Justus.

Gary Samples is a former councilman who says it's not the first time this land is at the center of a development debate.  He thinks the city should put an end to the issue, by buying it from the owner.  "I'd even sponsor, run around and have a petition drive for a levy if necessary," said Samples.

News 11 was unable to contact the property owner or his attorney.  Count on News 11 to follow this story as it develops.

Posted by AEB