Corrections Officer Charged with Taking a Bribe

TOLEDO -- A Lucas County corrections officer will face a judge this week, accused of taking a bribe.  Officer Edward Drane reportedly took money from an undercover officer to smuggle drugs into the jail.  He's charged with felony count of bribery.  Meanwhile, his family is coming to his defense.

It's not easy for Rita Wilson to look at the mugshot of her brother, corrections officer Edward Drane.  "It's devastating because that's not my brother.  That's not the Ed that everyone knows and it's a tremendous shock on our family right now," said Wilson.

Wilson says the "Ed" she knows is hard-working family man, devoted to his job at the Lucas County Jail, and is rarely seen out of uniform.  "It seems like it's a set up.  It's mighty strange that it was done on the inside, and they're trying to pinpoint him," said Wilson.

Family members say they will fight the accusations in court.

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Posted by AEB