Rally in Point Place Honors Veterans


POINT PLACE -- Friendship Park in Point Place lived up to its name on Wednesday.  A rally there honored veterans past and present, and especially honored Corporal Shane Parsons, who lost both of his legs in Iraq.

It was the third annual "Support the Troops" rally, praising veterans who fought and died for our freedom, and ones currently putting themselves in harm's way.  There was a color guard, 21-gun salute, a bagpiper, music, and dancing.

It was also a night to honor 22-year-old Corporal Shane Parsons, who had both legs ripped from his body on September 30th by a roadside bomb.  Volunteers have been helping rebuild the Parsons' home in Fostoria, which was recently damaged by a water leak and mold.  "It feels good [to be here], and I appreciate everything you guys have done for my family," Parsons told the crowd.

Earlier in the day, Congress wrapped up hearings from our leaders in Iraq about a possible withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.  Parsons did not want to talk about that, but his mother said there's hope.  "I keep a close eye and I am so glad to hear that we are making headway," said Cindy Parsons, Shane's mother.  "Let's bring our men and women home.  It's time.  It's time."

In two weeks, Parsons will return to rehab at a military hospital in Texas, strengthened by nights like this in northwest Ohio.  "It's like a Superman powers, feel like cloud nine, just makes you feel really good," said Parsons.

News 11's Jerry Anderson was the emcee for the event.  He also accepted the "Beacon Award" from the Point Place Business Association.

Posted by AEB