Council Votes Down Carry-Out; Neighbors Happy

The controversy centers around this old dry cleaners in south Toledo.
The controversy centers around this old dry cleaners in south Toledo.

SOUTH TOLEDO -- A proposal to open a carry-out in one south Toledo neighborhood could be left up to the courts to decide.  People who live near the South Detroit Avenue location convinced Planning and Zoning Committee members to vote down Nabil Shanneck's request for a permit to open a carry-out.  Some say the heated exchanges in the meeting won't be the last.

It all centers around the old Bobb's Dry Cleaning location on South Detroit.  In the meeting, one after another of neighbors from the area talked about their worries concerning what a carryout may bring to the area -- crime, noise, or other problems.  "This thing is just scaring me to death," said neighbor Scott Hilty.

However, Shanneck's attorney Linda Mansour said a lot of the fear comes from mass e-mails containing what she calls "mis-information" about Shanneck, his misdemeanor run-in with the law, and his past ownership with other carry-out locations.  "I hope you now know that's not true," said Mansour.  "It's defamatory!  It's libel!"

After more concerns about "what if" crime scenarios and more defending by Mansour, the committee voted unanimously to reject the carry-out proposal.  The final vote prompted more clapping from neighbors, but also a realization that this may not be over.  Council still has to vote.

"[These decisions] often are appealed to court and the court will have a different standard of review and a different way of looking at things than this body does," said council member Ellen Grachek.

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