North Toledo Golf Course Under Water

For this hole, you'll need a boat.
For this hole, you'll need a boat.

NORTH TOLEDO -- Duffers will have to stay away from a popular north Toledo golf course for a while.  News 11 has learned 12 of the 18 holes are flooded at Detwiler Golf Course in Point Place since city pumps failed this summer.

The course typically has a lof of run-off water that is pumped into Lake Erie, but for right now the water has nowhere to go.  Fish are being forced out of ponds and are struggling to survive.  Golfers hoping to hit the links are turned away.

"It is an absolute shame because we are running out of good weather and the course is in beautiful condition," said Detwiler golfer Cliff Bernhard. "If you didn't need a rowboat to play, it would be great."

The general manager of Detwiler says the problem may soon be fixed.  "I'm hoping this water goes away by the weekend.  Possibly we can start cleaning up debris," said GM Lynna Murnan.  "You know we need a long-term fix certainly.  We can't repair any turf until we know it won't be flooded again."

American Golf is the name of the company that leases the course from the city.  A spokesman for Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner says the city is in the final stages of getting the pumps fixed.

Posted by AEB