Mother Sentenced for Leaving Baby Alone

Woodall, seen in court.
Woodall, seen in court.

TOLEDO -- A Toledo mother who admitted leaving her baby alone in a crack house learned her fate Monday afternoon.  Candace Woodall cried as the told the judge she's a good mom when she's sober and not on drugs.  The judge pointed out several times when she had fallen off the wagon, and since her kids are very young, she sentenced Woodall to 17 months behind bars.

Police and prosecutors say Woodall abandoned her daughter in an east Toledo crack house in the care of a man she had met the night before.  Woodall was gone the next morning, and the man handed the two-year-old off to a neighbor, who called police.

"She's basically addicted to drugs," said William Meyer, Woodall's attorney.  "She knows she's addicted to drugs and she's asking for help."

"She is powerless at this point," added Meyer.  "I don't know what in her past brought her there, but hopefully, with treatment, she has a chance of having a normal life."

The judge cited other rehabilitation programs Woodall has taken that didn't work long-term in passing down the sentence.

Woodall will have a chance for early release.

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