Lucas County Continuing War on Mosquitoes

TOLEDO -- They're calling it the worst outbreak the area has seen in years.  The Toledo Area Sanitary District is fighting a tough battle against mosquitos.

Crews were out in Sylvania and western Lucas County Monday night spraying insecticide, trying to make a dent in the mosquito population.  They have been using up to eight spraying trucks to get the job done -- more than they've used in nearly three decades.  "It's a good feeling, yeah, especially when it's this bad," said Ken Gernheuser, the fogging supervisor for the Sanitary District.  "Everybody is waving at us and giving us the 'thumbs up,' so it makes you feel good."

The Sanitary District's offices in north Toledo have been flooded with calls from residents, requesting spraying at their home or neighborhood.  "Basically these mosquitos are flying in from rural areas.  Rural untreated areas," said Lee Mitchell, a mosquito biologist with the Sanitary District.  "They may be coming from Michigan, Fulton County, Wood County, Ottawa County. They come to toledo, they see the lights."

"There's a lot of people here," added Mitchell.  "We have a lot of pets in people's back yards."  The female mosquitoes, Mitchell says, are looking for those people or animals to get a meal of blood so they can reproduce.

Mitchell says the mosquitos can continue biting and laying eggs for six weeks.  That means they will not be gone until mid-October or the first frost of the fall season.

Posted by AEB