Candidates Go Door-to-Door Before Tuesday's Primary

SOUTH TOLEDO -- A crowded Toledo City Council field gets trimmed down to two on Tuesday for District 2.  Candidates spent their weekends trying to drum up support to be one of the two top vote-getters who will square off in the general election in November.

District 2 includes a large part of south Toledo and a little bit of west Toledo.  Four Democrats, four independents, and two Republicans are running to replace Rob Ludeman, who'll soon be leaving council due to term limits.

Candidate Ed Cichy says this election offers plenty for those who think nothing ever changes at city hall.  "I think something's going to change this time.  Somebody's leaving after 14 years, the 10 of us are all very different than Rob [Ludeman.]"

Karen Shanahan was among those going door to door, aiming for a top-two finish.  "You have many voters out there that really like to weigh the issues and look at the candidates and make informed decisions," said Shanahan.

Candidate Mike Collins also had his sneakers on, pounding the pavement, to try to connect with potential voters.  "To listen to them as well as speak to them about what you're going to or planning on doing, is critical," said Collins.

Some didn't go door-to-door, instead choosing the phone.  Molly McHugh Branyan worked the phones on Sunday, knowing there's usually low voter turnout for primaries, and the margin between two and three could be razor-thin.  "With nothing else on the ballot on Tuesday, I just don't think people are going to remember to vote," said Branyan.  "They're not going to know they're suppose to vote, and it's probably going to come down to a couple of votes.

Count on News 11 to follow the election results on Tuesday.