UT Police Warn Students About Rash of Break-Ins

WEST TOLEDO -- Students at the University of Toledo just wrapped up their first week back in class.  Now UT Police are warning them to be careful after some disturbing incidents on- and off-campus.

The University of Toledo Police are investigating reports that an unidentified man entered at least four unlocked dorm rooms in Nash Hall while the occupants were asleep between 5:30 and 6:30am Thursday.  In three instances, police say the students awoke when the man touched heir bodies.  In the fourth instance, the residents awoke to an unknown male standing in their room talking to them.

Thursday morning. Based upon descriptions provided by the victims, it appears it was the same individual in all four instances.  Here's his description from UT Police:

  • Black male
  • 20 to 22 years old
  • 5'5" to 5'7" tall
  • Stocky or heavy set
  • Jaw strap facial hair
  • Blue jeans, a white hat, and a white polo-style shirt with hunter green stripes.

According to the witnesses, the individual appeared to be intoxicated. UT Police say the early-morning incidents were not reported to police until late Thursday night, when the same suspect was seen lurking in the ladies shower in Nash Hall.  He was chased out of the building by residents, who then called UT Police.

The University of Toledo Police department and the Office of Residence Life strongly urge students to keep the doors to their rooms locked at all times.  "This incident clearly underscores the need to keep doors locked, especially at night," UT Police Chief Jeff Newton said in a statement posted on the UT Police web site.  "We also want to encourage the campus community as a whole to report suspicious events and people right away."

The University of Toledo Police department is also investigating an armed robbery that happened near campus on Dorr Street.  Two male students were leaving Jake's Bar when a suspect pulled a revolver and robbed them of cash and a cell phone.  That investigation continues.

Another group of UT students say they've been hit several times by burglars.  Brandon Baibak was excited to start his junior year at UT.  He's just moved into this new house with two roommates, but now he's living in paranoia.  "Anytime I hear anything out there, I wake up and make sure that nobody's messing with the house," said Baibak  "I hate living like that, but if anyone breaks in again I don't want that to happen again."

Baibak and his friends say burglars have tried to break into their house three times in two weeks.  "They threw a rock to see if anybody was home, and if they weren't home, then they were going to break in," said Baibak.  In the first attempt, the burglars broke out the side window, waking up Baibak's roommate in the process.  "I jumped out of bed and I chased him," said Jeremy Ulinski.  "I ran down here, but I was barefoot and it was wet, so I started slipping on the logs and stuff."

A week later, Baibak came home from work to find that the thieves made a second attempt through the back window.  This time they were successful.  "They stole my Xbox.  They stole a bunch of DVD's, and they stole a bunch of Xbox games," said Baibak.

If that wasn't enouh, the he says the burglars came back on Sunday, trying again to get into the house.  They're still on the loose.  Now the room mates hope the extra lights added to the side of the house and new fencing in the back-yard will keep the thieves out.

If you know anything about these incidents, call UT Campus Police at 419-530-2600.

Posted by AEB