Toledo Church Erects New Steeple

The new steeple arrived by truck.
The new steeple arrived by truck.

CENTRAL TOLEDO -- Construction crews have now put back what Mother Nature took down nearly three decades ago.  They installed a new steeple at the Historic Church of Saint Patrick's.

Back in 1980, a lightning strike and fire destroyed the old steeple.  The cost for installing the new one is being funded by money from the estate of a former parishioner.

The design team for the project is hoping to prevent history from repeating itself.  "We can't prevent lightning strikes, but what we can do is try to control what happens when it does get struck and so we have adequate lightning protection that grounds that back to the ground," said Steve Strake, an architect who's worked on the project.

On Sunday, Historic Saint Pat's will mark the 27th anniversary of the lightning strike with a special mass to honor the firefighters who helped save the church.

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