Six Candidates Move Forward to November Election

TOLEDO -- Only 6% of registered voters turned out, but that 6% chose six candidates who will go on to the November general election.  Tuesday's primary chose candidates for Toledo City Council Districts 2, 4, and 6.

In District 2, ten candidates were running for the two seats.  In the end, Molly McHugh Branyan and former Toledo Police officer D. Michael Collins won the two spots in the November race.  That council seat is being vacated by Rob Ludeman, who can't run again due to term limits.  Here are the vote totals:

  1. Molly McHugh Branyan          704 votes
  2. D. Michael Collins          523 votes
  3. Ed Cichy          467 votes
  4. Jeff Simpson          389 votes
  5. Joe Kidd         374 votes
  6. Karen Shanahan          272 votes
  7. Mario Campos          216 votes
  8. Mary Ann Haupricht          209 votes
  9. Joanna E. Baron          81 votes
  10. Steve Leggett          64 votes

For District 4, incumbent Michael Ashford will face November competition from Ronnell I. Traynum.  That district covers downtown and central Toledo as well as parts of the north end.  Here are the vote totals:

  1. Michael Ashford          896 votes
  2. Ronnell L. Traynum          213 votes
  3. Thomas Meinecke         203 votes
  4. Terry Shankland          135 votes

Endorsed Democrat Lindsay Webb will run for the District 6 seat in November, running against David Ball.  Incumbent Republican Joe Birmingham fell short and won't go forward.  Here are the vote totals:

  1. Lindsay Webb          1403 votes
  2. David Ball           615 votes
  3. Joe Birmingham          462 votes

The Board of Elections is already looking ahead to the November election, noting that it's getting more difficult to get enough poll workers.  "It used to be that a lot of people would volunteer to be poll workers. But we don't see that much anymore. It's getting harder and harder to get volunteers," said Lucas County Board of Elections Deputy Director Dan Pilrose.

The county still needs about 90 Democrat poll workers and 90 Republicans, Pilrose said.

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