Mosquitoes Swarm Flood Areas

FINDLAY -- Victims of the summer flooding have a new problem on their hands.  Just two weeks after flooding swamped their town, they're being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

The floods left standing water in many places, which is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.  We caught up with a family on Findlay's south side that was trying to have a picnic.  Despite sprays and a citronella candle, they were still a veritable buffet for the mosquitoes.  "[For every one we get,] there are 100,000 more," said Mike Thomas, a mosquito victim.  "Today it got worse."

With the standing water at Emery Adams Park, and flood debris dumped there, the family says they've never seen so many bites.  "Last year I didn't hardly get a bite, but this year it's really getting bit up," said Deb Colyer, a Findlay resident.  "I just walked over to my brother's and got attacked with a bunch of them."

"You can't hardly sit outside, because they'll eat ya," said mosquito victim Teresa Thomas. 
"They bite, bite, bite."  Thomas e-mailed the mayor and the health department, asking them to do something about the mosquitoes.  "They have a lot on their agenda, I know they have," she said.  "They've done a great job cleaning up the city, but they really need to spray for mosquitoes now."

Findlay's mayor, Tony Iriti, told News 11 Monday night that he will be calling officials from the city health department on Tuesday.   He wants to get crews out to spray the affected areas.

Count on News 11 to follow this story as it develops.

Posted by AEB