She Rents a Place that's in Foreclosure -- So She Contacted Mika Highsmith for Help

Doris Addie has lived in her home for 22 years. "It's nice. I have nice neighbors. I like it," she says.

But, unfortunately her future here, is uncertain. The building is in foreclosure, and her landlord is, she says, leaving tenants in the dark -- that is, literally, without lights.

"The landlord, he never would talk to us. I would call him and he say, 'I'm going to call my attorney,'" Addie says.

Tenants are worried the water will stop flowing next.

"The water will be cut off Sept. 18," says Cynthia Addie Reynolds. "What we want to do now is just keep the utilities on because it's not our fault."

They've tried to get help. "I've got 10 numbers. I've called 10 different people and I'm getting 10 different answers so who do I listen to,?" Reynolds asks.

News 11's Mika Highsmith went to owner Michael Onwochei's house, but he said, "I don't own it," about the property in question.

So here's the deal: If this is happening to you, go straight to Toledo Municipal Court. There you can put your rent in escrow and apply for a restraining order to save your utilities. It may seem like a hassle you don't deserve, but it's worth it.

As for these folks, Mika has connected them with a staff member from the Clerk of Courts Office who will help them through the whole process.

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