Perrysburg School District Heightens Security in All Buildings

Doors will be locked during school hours

By Deb Buker

Beginning this week, parents and visitors to the Perrysburg schools will buzz-in to enter the buildings. Once students arrive for the school day, all doors will be locked during school hours, but will be open for after school events.

At the August 20 meeting of the Perrysburg Board of Education, Richard Jones, director of support services, told board members that the main entrance to each building will be open to the public, but visitors will have to press a buzzer before they can enter. School offices will have visual and audio contact with visitors, who may be asked to show identification.

"This is a good added feature for the safety of the students and our staff. We want to know who is coming in the building. Everyone coming in will be recorded-it will be all on tape," said Mr. Jones. "It will take a little training from our side as well as from the parents and visitors."

He added that he believes it is "good balance on maintaining the neighborhood school feel."

These measures are a continuation of safety in the school district, he said.

Last year, school administrators completed the National Incidence System Management Training and First Responder training. Also last year, every classroom was given a Perrysburg School District Emergency Procedures Guide and a Perrysburg School District Emergency Response Plan flip chart.

This school year, all district school busses also will have flip-charts listing security and emergency procedures along with telephone numbers.

Summer P.I. projects

The 2007 Permanent Improvement projects approved last spring by the board of education are completed or near completion.

Board member Val Hovland said the replacement of the track at the junior high school will be completed by September 15.

The modular unit purchased by the district, which will provide two classrooms at the junior high school, will be ready by September 17. The delayed time of the project is due to zoning changes and issues with the city, said board member Mark Schoenlein.

The district also replaced the boilers at the junior high school and replaced the roof at Frank school.

The high school parking lot has been sealed and restriped and the grassy area south of the high school has been graded and seeded and should be ready for use by athletics and physical education classes, said Mr. Jones.

Also, the high school auditorium lighting has been retrofitted and should pay for itself with energy savings, added Mrs. Hovland.

Other Business

In other business, the school board:

  • Heard from treasurer Matt Feasel that the district ended the 2006 fiscal year on June 30 in good shape. The district's ending cash balance was $2,079,741, approximately 26 percent higher than anticipated, and 33 percent higher than the 2005 ending balance. The district revenues increased 6.53 percent from 2005 and expenses increased 4.7 percent.
  • Approved the following one-year limited contracts: Justin Fanhcke, CBI, junior high; Amy Gutkoski, junior high intervention specialist; Martha Bair, part-time Fort Meigs reading teacher; Molly Haschak, part-time Woodland reading teacher; Diann Toffler, part-time high school intervention specialist; Elizabeth Snow, part time junior high reading teacher; Candra Boggs, part- time high school art teacher; Rita Phipps, part-time Toth kindergarten teacher; and Gretchen Olszewski, part- time Woodland kindergarten teacher.
  • Approved the following substitute teachers for the 2007-08 school year: Mary Ann Abke, Martha Amstutz, Megan Ault, Marti Bair, William Baker, Nicole Barber, Theodore Barnes, Amy Bartholomew, Marlene Bierlein, Allison Binz, Nancy Borer, Judy Bowerman, Gwendolyn Boylan, Michael Braddock, Julie Brenizer-Klosterman, Patrice Brock, Shari Browder, Alisa Buchanan, Jan Cellio, Dana Chapman, Marquita Collingwood, Lisa Conklin, Joshua Comes, Samuel Cotterman, Matthew Davis, Mary Davisson, Kathleen Dewar, Joann DiNardo, Amy Doyle, Sandi Dulay, Bruce Dunlavy, Susan Edinger, Laura Egli, Carole Espinoza, Ronald Everett, Patti Jo Fantozz, Angela Finney, Marge Gallagher, Katie Ganss, Otto Geggus, Joseph Gerber, Patrick Gill, Lynn Granatir, Lynn Guitteau, Ginger Guzdanski, Jayne Hayward, Abby Hoelter, Jan Hoelter, Adrienne Holmes, Janet Jacobs, Faye Jaeger, Cynthia Janowiecki, Dana Kasel, Debra Kemp, Alisa Konczal and Sharon Knitt,

Chad Krukemyer, Nicole LaClair, Jeri Lathrop, Renee Lewis, Amanda Limbird, Arica Lodge, Bert Lucas, Stacy Marino, Stacey McClary, Sue Meilander, Jennifer Mettert, Victor Meyer, Joshua Mockensturm, Nancy Modene, Susan Nahhas, Joyce Norman, Marie Obrock, Sara North, Sally Palmer, Carol Panzero, Gilbert Parker, Stephanie Petro, Carol Phillips, Rita Phipps, William Poznanski, Robin Radcliffe, Christopher Rieman, Rebecca Roe, Richard Rogers, Elizabeth Rohrbacher, Carol Rudisill, Leslie Ruehle, Kim Rupley, Tom St. Meyers, Lynn Sarno, Sharon Schadek, Donna Schweitzer, Kim Shanahan, Julie Sharkey, Amanda Sheets, Laura Short, Roger Short, Susan Short, Sarilyn Sintobin, Tom Slayton, Thomas Statum, Carol Sternsher, Megan Stewart, Sandra Streichert Lovejoy, Lynn Tearney, Linda Teen, Carolyn Thacker, Mary Tudor, Melissa Valadez, Jason Weaver, Jill Weinstein, Karen Wells, Cindy Wheeless, Cheryl Windisch and Lisa Woolstrum.

  • Approved the following classified one-year contracts for the 2007-08 school year: Patrica Haar, 10-month technology secretary; Andrea Whiting, junior high school monitor, 3 hours per day; Andrea Petrie, 10-month secretary, Woodland school; and Fred Strayer and Karen Burkart, bus drivers.
  • Approved the following additional two-hour, mid-day bus driver contracts: Mary Jo Gniewksowki, Becky McKinney, Linda Eckel, Pam Addy, Carol Whitaker, Jackie Bell, Carol Frost, Lynn Kruse and Mike Heider.
  • Approved the following classified substitutes: Elaine Anctil, Anneliese Angelotti, Diana Ball, Jill Bandy, David Bartlett, Rebecca Barney, Amy Bartholomew, Janet Biederman, Terry Bossert, Rick Bourbina, Deanna Brown, Kay Brunswick, Alisa Buchanan, Karen Burkart, James Chiapetta, Robbin Click, Thomas Cook, James D'Amato Sr., Sherri Dauer, Louise Davis, Mary Davisson, Laura Dennison, Kathleen Dewar, Martha Donahue, John Doyle, Joe Drago, Elizabeth Ecklund, John Elden, Carole Espinoza, Jeanette Faylor, Rochelle Fox, Lynn Franck, Jay Friess, Herbert Gatewood, Otto Geggus, Jeff Gillmore, Lynne Granatir, Diana Grudzinski, Dan Gusman, Vera Hair, Rodney Haugh, Jan Hoelter, Jennifer Hood, Tracie Hunt, Carlon Jensen, Marguerite Jensen, Floyd Johnson, Cheryl Kern, Susan Kidd, Perry King, Eric Klemm, Ron Koke, Justin Korb, Laurie Kreager, and Sue Libbe.

Marge Lochbihler, Christine Martishius, Joan Mikesell, Mary Ann Milne, Nancy Modene, Jackie Mohler, Tyson Moore, Ben Murphy, Marcia Myers, Jodi Newman, Larry O'Brien, Gerald Obee, Adriana Ocana, Sally Palmer, Sandra Parham, Carol Panzero, James Phillips, Chris Quinn, Bonnie Ramsden, Paula Ray, Rick Rettig, Stacy Rodriguez, Carol Rogowski, Jackie Romanski, Mary Pat Sattler, Marsha Schettine, Sharon Schadek, Cathie Schramm, Vicki Sedlak, Sonal Shah, Tonya Shank, Christopher Snyder, Judy Sobanksi, Becky Spoerl, Fred Strayer, Lynn Tearney, Kathy Ward, Michael Wehrle, Larry Whitaker, Andrea Whiting, Debra Wissinger, Laura Wott, MaryLeigh Wurth, Jim Yost, James Chiapetta, James Scott and Meg Schoenlein.

  • Scheduled the next board of education work session for Tuesday, September 4, 7:30 a.m. in the Commodore Building conference room.

The next board of education meeting is Monday, September 17, 7 p.m., in the junior high school library. Both meetings are open to the public.