Mayor to Recommend Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Klein as Fire Chief

Mayor Nelson Evans will recommend Perrysburg Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Klein to city council's service-safety committee for approval as the new Perrysburg Fire Chief.

If approved by the committee, Mr. Klein's name will be submitted to city council for final approval.

"I believe Jeff has a grasp of the people at the fire division and he knows the issues," Mayor Evans said on Monday. "Jeff will make positive changes and the fire division will continue to provide our residents with excellent service."

At press time, the mayor was scheduling an emergency service-safety meeting to move forward with the appointment.

The city received 42 applications for the fire chief position.

A committee consisting of city council members Maria Ermie and Mike Olmstead; human resources manager Kelly Louderback; Jon Eckel, director of public service; and retired firefighter Phil Koenigseker, reviewed the applications and narrowed the field to nine candidates.

The committee again narrowed the field to three candidates which were submitted to the mayor.

Final interviews were conducted by the mayor, John Alexander, city administrator, and Joe Lawless, president of city council.

Upon approval of council Fire Chief Klein will replace Ronn Thompson who retired on May 4.