Contractor Did a Shoddy Job for Her -- So She Contacted Mika Highsmith

"I got a little money to remove the tree from the garage," says Diane Glover about the tree that fell in her backyard -- and onto her garage. Her garage was removed, and Glover hired a contractor to put in some concrete so "I could put my gazebo on it."

But here's the thing. Glover says the contractor she hired not only did a shoddy job building her shed, but he didn't complete the job either. Indeed, the concrete slab is incomplete -- uneven and unsafe.

"You can't even walk up there," Glover complains.

And the worst part is that Glover paid Jeffery Moore almost $1,900 up front and hasn't seen him since. So, she contacted our Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

"I've been going through this for a month since the 28th of July," Glover says. "He wouldn't come back look at this mess."

Because the contractor was referred by a friend, she says she felt he was OK. But now, she says, "I regret it doing what I shouldn't have done, deal with people I don't know know."

Mika Highsmith went to Moore's house, but no one was home. She later got him on the phone, and he told her he goes to Glover's "religiously" and then hung up.

Glover says she has learned a serious a lesson she hopes others learn as well. "Get contractors that are licensed people.

And to that, Mika Highsmith adds these tips: Remember to get a contract in writing, never pay in full up front and always get referrals from both previous clients and the Better Business Bureau so you know who you're dealing with.

"That way, if something does happen, you can go back because there's some snakes out here," Glover says.

Posted by KO