Firefighter Hurt on Way to Fire; Fifth FD Injury in a Day

TOLEDO -- For the second time in a day, a Toledo firefighters was hurt on the job.  It happened while he was on his way to a house fire in the 900th block of Tecumseh around 10:00pm on Tuesday.

The fire department says that firefighter was hurt when he fell from the truck when it hit a bump in the road.  He was a little bruised and sore, but is otherwise okay.

The house that caught fire was heavily damaged, but firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to neighboring homes.

The firefighter injured on the way to that fire was the fifth to be hurt on the job in a single day on Tuesday.  Four others were hurt fighting a two-alarm fire on South Erie Street early Tuesday morning.

Fire officials say such injuries are rare, but it is a very tough and demanding job.  "The job is inherently dangerous, from dealing with traffic on the way to the fire, to actually doing the work," said Battalion Chief Dennis Facer.  "It's a pretty cardiac job, it's a pretty physical job."

None of the names of the injured firefighters are being released.  All five are expected to be fine.

Posted by AEB