Black Mold and Plumbing Problems -- What Could be Worse?

HOLLAND, OH -- They say they're living in deplorable conditions and that their landlord doesn't seem to care. We're talking about some residents in the Hidden Cedars Apartment complex on the 6200 block of Garden Rd.

They say they're constantly dealing with plumbing, sewage, and eviction issues. They're hoping Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith can put a stop to it.

"We've asked him for a door; we haven't gotten one yet. It's been 13 months," complained Darnell, who didn't want to provide his last name. But Darnell says it's not what's broken or what's missing. Rather, it's what's growing inside that's bothering him.

"Right up in here, all this is black mold," is what's putting this father of three on edge.

"Thirteen months we've been here, there hasn't been one single repair," Darnell said. "But he's still taking our money, and I'm not the only one."

Mika Highsmith went to one apartment with black mold in the bathroom and behind the stove and then over to Larry McPhearson's apartment. He said conditions were so bad, he wouldn't even let her in.

"I got black mold, my air conditioning, my drain line is tore apart. I have to empty a bucket," McPhearson says. But he says he has nowhere else to go and worries that he'll "probably get thrown out over this."

Mika went to see owner Herbie Howard. "Did he tell you the was $5,000 dollars behind on rent?" Howard asked. "I don't think you and I are on the same page. We're cleaning house, there's a lot of evictions here. The people that are being evicted have behavioral issues that are unsuitable to the complex."

Darnell didn't like what Howard seemed to be insinuating. "Who are you to judge? I work every day, and we clean and provide for my kids," he said.

"I'm telling you what I saw. Because they're pigs," Howard retorted.

This one is now in the hands of the health department. They've said they're going to get an inspector out right away.

Posted by KO