WTOL Editorial: NW Ohio Stands Tall in Difficult Times

The people of Northwest Ohio showed tremendous grit last week. In the face of record-breaking floods that wiped out highways and main streets and devastated homes and businesses, there was no panic.

There were no stories about looting or price gouging. No, not here. Here in the heartland of America, people rolled up their sleeves. They put on their waders and made sure neighbors and friends were safe.

And now, these same people face the grueling task of recovering. Putting lives and businesses back together will not be easy. So much has been lost. So many personal items are simply gone. Cleaning up will take a long time and a lot of money. It will test even the strongest.

If you want to help, what the Red Cross needs most, is money. If you would like to contribute go to www.redcross.org.

I'm Bob Chirdon. The fortitude of our neighbors has been remarkable to watch. The people of the Midwest really are made up of strong stuff. It took a flood to remind me how much that matters.

Posted by KO