WTOL Editorial: City Council, Mayor Need to Work Together

The changes in city council have the potential to move Toledo forward.

The council has been divided and therefore easily manipulated by the mayor. Without a working majority, council lacked the strength to respond to the mayor's pressure. This was an inefficient and ineffective way to run a city.

Michael Ashford has an opportunity to change the course of council. He now leads a working majority.

That should give him the authority to stand up to the mayor when necessary. That should give him the votes to get things done.

Hopefully, we will see less political maneuvering and a more effective government.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I think a strong mayor has to be balanced by a strong and unified city council.

It is now up to the mayor and Michael Ashford to develop a working relationship. I suspect the ball is in Carty's court. When Ashford calls, the mayor must call him back. We want things to get done. I'll be watching.

Posted by KO