NW Ohio Marine Reservists Activated for Iraq Duty

PERRYSBURG -- Another group of Marine reservists from Perrysburg will go to Iraq.  Approximately 18 reservists from the Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment will join with other Marines, and head to Iraq in the fall.

The 24th Marine Regiment is made up of three battalions.  The Marines being called up from the 1st Battalion will become part of the 2nd Battalion at that unit rotates personnel in and out of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The 2nd Battalion has been deployed to Iraq since 2005.

"All three battalions within the 24th Marine Regiment consistently help one another as a means to best utilize our resources," said 1st Sgt. James Betancourt of the Weapons Company based in Perrysburg.

"The real accomplishment here is that our Marines and sailors continue to put service to the country first," said Bettancourt.  "Nearly all our reservists also hold civilian jobs, yet all willingly leave their families, friends, and lives to serve their nation."

The unit will train at a post within the US before shipping off to Iraq in the fall.

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Posted by AEB