Damage Patrols Making Rounds in Findlay

FINDLAY -- At Findlay's worst point, nearly 80 percent of the town was underwater, city employees say.

Some areas were worse than others, reports News 11's Colleen Wells. But, as the water levels decrease, help in Findlay is on the rise, including boats from the US Coast Guard and rescue runs from Findlay city trucks.

Findlay City employee Glen Springer normally designs streets. But on Thursday, he surveyed them, getting a good look at the flood's damage.

"Not this bad -- we figured it'd be as bad as it would be in January. I guess that's where we thought -- around the 14, 15 foot," Springer said as he toured Findlay's water-logged neighborhoods, looking to re-open some 50 flooded streets.

Cars still sit in roads, foundations are rumbling under houses, and residents are finally returning to their homes after last-minute evacuations.

"We were sitting out here pumping the water, and we seen the water coming up, over the curb. It was coming up so fast, we only had 20 minutes to get out," said Kathy Dulaney about the situation at her house before things started to improve.

Employees have worked around the clock and say they'll keep the help coming -- no matter how long it takes, Colleen reports.

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