Township Employees Faced with New Policies

By Jane Maiolo

Perrysburg Township's Board of Trustees has begun reviewing township policies in several areas and adopted four new procedures at the August 6 meeting.

The new policies, which affect township employees, pertain to credit card usage, drug-free training, tool and equipment usage and injury reporting.

The credit card policy prohibits personal use of a township credit card or the copying of a credit card.

Authorization for the card's use must be approved by either the township administrator John Hrosko or fiscal officer Shirley Haar and its usage is limited to gas, meals, repairs, lodging or related travel expenses.

To utilize a card, employees must sign out for the card and acknowledge responsibility for all charges placed on it. Detailed receipts must be submitted to Ms. Haar to receive full reimbursement.

Under the drug-free training policy, employees are required to attend a Bureau of Workers' Compensation drug training session. Any employee who fails to attend the session will be placed on suspension until the training is complete.

The trustees also adopted a tool and equipment policy that prohibits personal use of township equipment and the injury reporting policy, which requires injuries to be reported within 24 hours of the incident.

Any employee injured on the job also must  undergo a post injury drug test within 24 hours.

Township administrator John Hrosko emphasized that employees are currently following these procedures, adding that discipline actions are in place for failure to follow the policies.

Other Business

In other business, the trustees:

  • Approved as a minor change to a planned unit development a reduction of one unit for the Creekside subdivision.

Developer Tim Burns is reducing the units by one to 23 for the single family homes to be built on 30 acres on the east side of Simmons Road north of State Route 795.

  • Agreed to participate in the stormwater coalition with Middleton and Lake townships and Wood County at a cost of $911 for the remainder this year.
  • Approved the purchase of a 2004 Ford Explorer from Genoa Ford for $15,500. The vehicle, which replaces an older model in the police department, is being paid for with the department's drug fund money, said Police Chief Ed Stribrny.

The trustees also authorized the department to obtain a final cost for the purchase of two or three Panasonic Toughbook laptop computers for use in squad cars.

  • Accepted a recommendation by Chief Stribrny to hire David Nixon as a full time police officer effective August 20. Officer Nixon is currently employed by the Holland Police Department.
  • Heard from recreation director Bob Warnimont that the township received grant funds from the Wood County Solid Waste District. The money will be used toward the purchase of a new document shredder and edging for the playground equipment at the Starbright subdivision park.