WTOL Editorial: Who's Minding the Schools?

This country is in a deepening education crisis. The Ohio Department of Education graded our schools this week, and too many public schools failed.

That's a fact. And it's horrible. The real impact of poorly educated students won't be known until this country is filled with uneducated citizens.

Whose fault is this? Well, there is plenty of blame going around. Here's where the fingers are pointing today:

Parents. They are absent or not involved.

Teachers Unions: They protect poor performers. They create an atmosphere that encourages detached mediocrity.

Students. They don't show up. They don't care. They value appearance over performance.

The government: Our elected officials don't get it and don't want to. They pander to teacher unions. They live in a "don't offend any voter ever" world. They offer broad stroke slogans not specific solutions.

The media: We present an image of life that is unrealistic, hedonistic, plastic and absurd. And the kids eat it up.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I think we need to stop pointing fingers and start demanding results. I just hope it's not too late.