WTOL Editorial: It's About Time We Dump the Sports Arena!

The demolition of the old Sports Arena is underway. For too long, this eyesore has stood as a symbol of a city stuck in place. Good riddance.

There should be no grieving. The old Sports Arena is a rusted and ancient anchor that helped keep East Toledo mired in second class citizen status. If this city is truly going to evolve, then the glow from the Marina development and the new Sports Arena must reach into East Toledo.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I know these exciting new projects will energize and revitalize downtown Toledo. As this happens, I hope that one day the river will no longer be considered a dividing line between growth and stagnation.

The promise of improvement should be fairly and equitably extended to all of Toledo. Anything less and the citizens of East Toledo should feel cheated.

Posted by KO