Pizza Lovers Camp Out Overnight for Free Pie

TOLEDO -- Would you stay outside all night for a chance for some free pizza?  A local pizza place gave customers that opportunity Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Vito's Pizza invited pizza lovers to camp out all night long as part of a promotion for their new Tony Packo's pizza.  The first 20 people in line by 10:30 in the morning at each Vito's Pizza location will get a coupon booklet with 52 free pizza coupons.

Vito's has several locations throughout the Toledo area.  We caught up with a group lined up outside of the Vito's at Detriot and Fearing.  "Number 13," said one person in line, who then taunted others standing nearby.  "I'm getting this pizza, you all. They are free, you should have been here but better luck next time."

The Tony packo's pizzas will go on sale Wednesday morning starting at 10:30.

Posted by AEB