Mayor Lays Out Plans for Southwyck

SOUTH TOLEDO -- Look for some major changes to the Reynolds Road corridor near Southwyck Mall.  In a news conference on Tuesday, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner committed more than 2 million dollars of the city's capital improvement budget to repair the infrastructure in the area.  The mayor hopes to retain existing new business and attract new businesses.

At Southwyck, some parking spaces have been empty so long, grass is starting to grow in the cracks.  "Ooohh, it used to be so beautiful and so busy and such a place to go," said Nancy Green who remembers Southwyck well before the rundown sign and the vacant spaces.   She's lived near the mall 26 years.

She's seen all the failed rehab plans.  "We'd say 'Hooray!' and then oops, come back from the meeting and we're down again," explained Green.

"A lot of folks are frustrated with the time it's taken," said Economic Development Committee Chair Mark Sobczak who recognizes the agitation.  There are boarded up properties around the mall.  There are empty, newly built store fronts waiting for something to move forward.

What else is waiting is two million dollars from the city for improvements to roads, curbs, sewers and more when the city can seal the deal with those vested in the property.

Dillard's employees seem to be confused.  Some told News 11 applications are being taken for the new store about to open at Fallen Timbers this fall.  Others said Southwyck workers will shift there.  Will Dillard's still be an anchor store for the new project?

Sobczak told us just last week Mayor Finkbeiner had a meeting with a direct investor concerning Dillard's and the new Southwyck plans.  "They seemed to get along very well," described Sobczak.  "It was a very amicable meeting and I hope that it will bring good news," he added.

Sobczak admits he does not know what the mayor will announce, but Green and her neighbors hope for the best.  "Get moving," Green pleaded with city leaders.  "This is good territory over here.  It's a good neighborhood [with] good people."

Posted by AEB