Family Complains to Mika Highsmith: Photos Are a Nightmare!

SOUTH TOLEDO -- They wanted to create memories that would last a lifetime, but instead they got something they don't want to remember.

The Waterville family had pictures taken back in June at Olan Mills at K-Mart on Reynolds Rd. They say the pictures are horrible, and they've been trying to get them retaken ever since --but with no luck.

So they turned to Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith -- and now, they have something to smile about.

Vicky Birner and her daughter, Bethany, wanted memories that would last a lifetime. So they paid to have five-month old Trevin's pictures taken. And they paid about $200 for the photos.

But, Birner says the pictures aren't worth the money, and, as far as memories go... well, she'd rather forget them.

Sure enough, the pictures are off center and in some, the baby's head is actually cut off.

Birner says she's used Olan Mills in the past. "Years ago, that's where I had their pictures taken," she says about her own children's photo memories.

Birner has been calling Olan Mills to complain since the they took the pictures in June but, "No one will call me back," she says.

So, Mika Highsmith got involved and, voila, "She called me, and we're going to retake the picture," Birner says, adding, "I don't think I would've gotten anywhere if it wasn't for you."

Posted by KO