WTOL Editorial: Stop Blogging on the City's Time, Mr. Schwartz

Brian Schwartz, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's spokesperson, should stop blogging. He is embarrassing the mayor's administration.

And this is a mayor who doesn't need any help in the insert-foot-in-mouth-category.

In the past few weeks Mr. Schwartz has been a regular contributor to a local web site. He has done so during normal business hours and from his home. He defended his blogging in a WTOL news story that aired recently.

However, this week he unwisely got involved in a boneheaded and childish blogging snit with Maggie Thurber and others. After the nah, nah, nah nonsense, his comments crossed the line.

Bad move. Blogging is indelible. It can be read by anyone, anywhere. It can be used against you now, or even in the city of the future.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I think, maybe Brian liked being the bad boy of blogging. That is, until his comments were so over the top he had to apologize.

As a professional communicator he should have known better.

Posted by KO