They Now Have Socks, Thanks to Hannah

"Hannah's Socks" had its first fundraising picnic on Saturday.
"Hannah's Socks" had its first fundraising picnic on Saturday.

PERRYSBURG -- The generosity of a 6-year old from Perrysburg has inspired the creation of an entire charity.  Six-year old Hannah Turner has proven that if you listen, you can learn some important life lessons from kids.

When Hannah Turner was just 4-years-old she made an observation that has changed lives.  While helping her family serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Cherry Street Mission, she saw a homeless man wearing tattered shoes without socks.  "I wanted to give him my socks," said Hannah, the namesake of the charity, "Because he had holes in his shoes."

Her mother, Doris, was so touched by Hannah's generosity, she promised her they would help that man and many others.  "The next day we went and bought a hundred pair, took them to the mission," said Doris.  "She was sure that this man would get a pair of socks.  She's just a very compassionate little girl."

Hannah's concern and compassion has caught on over the past few years, and now at the age of 6, she's the namesake of "Hannah's Socks."  Dozens of people came out to the organization's first summer picnic fundraiser Saturday afternoon at Woodland Park in Perrysburg.

Hannah's father, Vic Turner, says they not only showed their support but also helped the charity reach its ambitious goals.  "We are hoping to give 1500 socks to the Boys and Girls Club for back to school," said Vic.  "We want to have 5000 pair to give to the Cherry Street Mission for the men, and we're going to make sure we bless the ladies at the Cocoon Shelter."

At her young age, Hannah may not completely understand just how far her generosity is reaching, but she does understand why it is so important.  "Because it can get more people socks that don't have any," she said.

Now thanks to this little girl with a big heart, she is changing lives one sock at a time.

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