Empty Lot's a Mess, so Residents Contact Mika Highsmith

TOLEDO -- John Horvath takes pride in his neighborhood and goes the extra mile, mowing an empty lot that's not even his.

"I like it neat where I live," Horvath says about his neighborhood on Suder Ave. in Point Place. Too bad Horvath and his neighbors are forced to look at a mess nearby.

We're talking truckloads of gravel, asphalt, and chunks of concrete, piled in an empty lot, for so too long Horvath can't remember.

"It's been, I've lost track, at least three four years at least," Horvath says.

So where did it come from?

"This field was used as a staging area for stone that was being used for the water line, Horvath says. That line was replaced at least four years ago, and why this mess still remains is a mystery.

A mystery Horvath says the owner of this lot doesn't even understand. "His understanding with the contractor was that they would clean it up and they didn't do that," he says.

Horvath has complained to the city but, "It's 10 weeks now and it's gone from the water division to streets and bridges yesterday it went back to the water division," Horvath laments.

Meanwhile, Horvath contacted Call 11 for Action because, "Call for Action seem to get things done. You cut through bureaucracy, and we appreciate what you do for the community."

Posted by KO