Lots of Water and Ice Cream Help People Beat Heat

Swanton football players drank lots of water during their twice-daily workouts.
Swanton football players drank lots of water during their twice-daily workouts.

TOLEDO -- The heat is affecting everyone this week -- sending people scrambling for ways to stay cool.  That's never more true than on the football field, where high schools all around northwest Ohio began their twice-daily workouts on Thursday.  Players couldn't afford to pass up a cool drink.

The Swanton Bulldogs didn't waste any time getting on the field, holding a midnight practice Thursday at 12:01am.  Their twice-daily workouts started Thursday afternoon.  No pads for this first day on the field, but with helmets and the searing heat, the players were told not to take any chances.

"Even if we don't think we need it, we keep drinking," said Ben Ohlemacher, the Swanton football coach.  "And we talk to our kids that even if you don't think you are thirsty, go get the drink, and we've got our trainer out here."

"Our coaches make sure we stay hydrated," said Lamar Carson, starting running back for the team.  "We got to say if we're having problems or having headaches and take us out and move us to the shade and stuff."

People who didn't have to run around and play ball were also looking for ways to stay cool.  The lines were long at Mr. Freeze in Sylvania.  "The ice cream helps especially because it's sugar free so I don't have to worry about a lot of calories," said Kathleen Baker as she ate her icy treat.  "So it's good."

Not everybody is dreading the heat wave.  At Home City Ice on the Ohio/Michigan border, it's freezing year-round.  This week, it's the place to work.  "I load, so I come in and out of the heat so it's real nice," said Yale Nearhood of Home City Ice.  "Once I get colder in here, I can just go back outside."

A look at the long-range forecast has lower humidity and the possibility of storms this weekend, but temperatures back in the 90's next week.

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